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This condo is a business, do not ever loose sight of that. Do not think of yourselves as owners of a unit, but rather, as owners of a business. The reason that a business exists is to put money in the pockets of the owners. The more efficiently a business is run, the more money in the owner’s pockets.

Most of you have never ran a business. Some of you may have never even had a job, as you were a spouse that stayed home to mind the kids. Some of you may have held high level positions at large firms. Nevertheless, I think that all of you understand the concept of a paycheck.

In that world, you were programmed to do as you were told and to accept authority figures unquestionably. If you did not, you lost your paycheck.

I now welcome you to a different world. Your mindset must be changed, you must deprogram yourself. You no longer receive a paycheck, you sign the paycheck. You are the boss.

As a business owner, you hire people to perform various services for you. You pay them well, but you expect them to do their job well. If not, you fire them. This the way it works in business.

One of the services contracted for is property management. In this regard Paul is an “employee” that you hired. He is not your friend. Although he is friends with Kathy and Mark Scholes, I do wonder what they gain from that relationship.

Of course, they cover for him. Did you see the performance that Kathy put on at the reserve fund meeting? She pretended to be a concerned home owner asking how to remove the dastardly villain Bill, while she had the preprinted form with all the names in her back pocket. She missed her calling, she should have been an actress.

Paul receives a paycheck signed by you. That is the only way you should view him. If he does not perform, he should no longer get a paycheck. Remember that he is just another guy running a business, trying to put most of the money that he can into his own pocket.

Do not be fooled by all the horse manure being spread around about him. They say he has integrity and is doing a great job for the owners. In my world, if an employee tried to stick me with a 6 million dollar scam, he would have been fired, but Paul is still here. So obviously the bosses, the real bosses are quite happy with his performance.

Since Paul can only be fired by the board, and they are not firing him, then they must be working for the same bosses. People are beginning to wake up to the fact that the only way out of this mess is to gain control of the board, anything else is a waste of time. We will now begin to aggressively fix this problem.

The first step will be the vote to remove me on Aug. 6. You may find me too aggressive or whatever, but I get things done. The wishy-washy attitude and the get along with Paul and the board is a pile of crap. They are working on a Master Plan and we are not part of it.

There are people here who understand this plan. So, you must ask yourselves, have you been kept in the loop. If not, you are just some schmuck being taken along for the ride. Understand one thing, it will be a very expensive ride. To some here, the money will not be an issue as they have plenty. But how about you?

So, it does not matter what group you are in or where your loyalties lie, removing me will ensure that the Master Plan will be alive and well and probably be unstoppable.


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