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Cash Man

Have you ever sat in a dentist’s chair clutching the arms because you know what is coming? You hear a click and then a whirl as the drill starts up. Then a calm voice says “This won’t hurt a bit.” As you look up through your fear ridden eyes you notice that the dentist has a smile on his face. He is such a nice guy, only has your best interest at heart. Or so he says.

This is where we sit today. We are being told that there will be no pain. We must spend money on things like stucco balconies for our own good. But somehow, deep down, we know better.

Cash Man’s attitude is that this is an investment not a home. All of you should spend more to make his investment grow. What if you cannot afford to pay for his investment, well I guess you will just have to move on. I am sure that you can find a place more in keeping with your pecuniary situation. If you get a cardboard box, you could probably find a nice place under a bridge somewhere that will be more reasonably priced.

What the Cash Man does not seem to realize is that this place is first a home and only secondarily an investment. People have no problem in funding necessary maintenance and repairs, but are not interested in stupid stucco balconies. We do not need cladding which does not solve the leaking issue because the concrete panels do not leak. If Cash Man would have read the engineering report and understood it, he would realize that these so-called investments are nothing but a scam.

You see, the “boss” here has other plans, as is usual in elitist plans, there are multiple purposes. The first of which is the funding of Paul’s retirement. As a participant in this operation he must get his reward. The previous board of directors, who had already been compromised, signed his new contract in August of 2017 and he took over in January of 2018.

With the 3% commission safely in his pocket, he began to coordinate the next phase of the “bosses” plan. Engineers were called in to propose a way to suck in the owners and to put them into so much debt that they would never recover. They threw everything they had into the 6 million dollar windows scam. They had secretly worked to con 49 home owners into believing that it was a great deal for them.

This is known as the blockbusting phase. This always begins with capturing the board. This was actually accomplished years ago but they had to wait for the right implementer to come on board. Just after the 6 million dollar loan was rejected, I and several other home owners pushed to get rid of the board at that time. This was quashed by Elizabeth when she convinced other home owners that a go-slow approach was the way to go. It is obvious now that she had other plans even back then.

Luckily, a group of home owners were able to convince 7 people that it would have been disastrous to go ahead with that loan and a bullet was dodged. But like all good elitist, they just went to plan B. The 1 million dollar special assessment was passed in the dark. That is roughly when I showed up.

Now, lets get back to the Cash Man. By now he should be up to speed as to what is going on here. Reading all of my newsletters at the website should fill in any missing stuff. Yes, this condo can be a great investment. But it has to be done properly. Not the stupid way it is being done now.

So, I am going to make the Cash Man a proposition that he shouldn’t refuse. Shortly there will be 3 board positions opening up. One of them would surely go to the Cash Man because he could get the support of all the home owners who are about to throw out the old board. Of course, this comes with a risk. He would have to drop out of running to replace me and instead get all his fans to vote to keep me in. Any thing less than that would mean that he is still in the replace me camp. Then if he is elected there will be 4 names on the removal of directors’ form.

So Cash Man, lets pretend we are in a casino. Show us your true colours. Let us see if you are with the home owners or in Paul’s pocket. Let us see you place your bet.

Bill Siudak


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