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As most of you are aware, I have served notice to the 20+ signers of the form to have me removed as a director. In response to my notice, it looks like Kathy Scholes has taken it upon herself to call in our corporate lawyer for legal advice.

Here is her letter.

“ July 7 2019

To: Owners signing petition to remove Board member

Subject : Threat from director, William Siudak

Some of you may have received an email from the subject owner commenting on a libel suit.

A meeting is scheduled for this afternoon with Board members and the Bentley Place corporation lawyer to obtain proof of the statement, "Breaching Confidentiality of Board."

The Board expects to respond to petitioners by end of day Friday.

In the interim, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to telephone the following board members, who

welcome your call:

Anna DiMarcantonio or Paul Casuccio or,

Brenda Ginn

Robert Byl

K Scholes. (12D) “

It certainly is strange how Kathy can just snap her fingers and the corporate lawyer comes running. Is there something about the Scholes that we are not aware of? At any rate, my action against the signers has nothing to do with the condo corporation. The corporate lawyer can not be engaged without a board meeting requesting an action on their part, no such meeting was held.

If the lawyer sends an invoice to the corporation then this will be fraud. The lawyer is being copied in on this newsletter.

I have now attended 2 board meetings and the only person who has apparently reviewed the financials is Anna. Maybe these statements are too complicated for the others. At any rate, I will be reviewing all financial statements going forward. After all, we would not want our money to be spent on things that have nothing to do with the condo.

Now, I understand that the Scholes are really well off and can afford to pick up the tab for this legal opinion. And who knows, maybe Paul will be so grateful to them for their help in keeping his job, that he will give them a bit of a kickback.

Bill Siudak


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