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Gloves Off

Some of you will not be pleased with what I am about to say, others will not believe it. The time has come for transparency. For too long the owners here have been treated like mushrooms in a basement cellar. You have been kept in the dark and fed horse manure.

Recognize these names:




These are your friends, right? They are very friendly, sometimes you chit chat, and some of you even socialize with them. Such nice people.

But let’s look at what they have done. They tried to stick you with a six million-dollar loan for windows that you did not need. Then they were happy to stick you with a one-million-dollar assessment for cladding and putting that stucco crap on your balcony walls, both of which violated the Condo Act. And their latest friendly gesture to you was the signing of the reserve fund study. This act of kindness will double the condo fees you pay in the next five years. This is just their way of sucking you into paying for those windows. You can bet that they have more such goodies planned for you in the future.

So, let’s cut the crap. These people are not your friends. They put on a friendly smile while they stab you in the back. They are literally destroying the value of your home investment. These people are way too incompetent to remain on the board of directors and need to be removed. They are nothing but sock puppets for your other friend, Paul, who seems to think that he owns the building.

The latest round of horse manure going around is that I must be removed from the board, so that we can keep poor Paul happy. Believe me, there is no shortage of very competent property managers, you know, ones that actually work for the owners of the building. The real game here is to provide a seat on the board for Elizabeth, so that she can become the new Sharon. If you have been led to believe that things will change while keeping the same directors, I suggest you check out a bridge in Brooklyn. This is too big a money-making operation to let Elizabeth get in the way.

Sharon, Elizabeth would like to thank you for the great effort that you have put into removing me, just so that she can get that seat on the board that her and Paul have been plotting for so long.

The process to remove these incompetent directors was already started with the 15 of you who signed the form requesting a vote on the dismissal. You understood that something had to be done to clean up the mess in this condo. Now Holly did a great job in getting your signatures but then somehow, she failed to deliver. Even though you signed in good faith she decided in typical elitist fashion what was good for you. I guess she knows better than you. This is the same attitude as displayed by the remaining 3 directors of the old board.

So, this is my request to Holly. This form is not your property. It belongs to the people who signed it in good faith that it would be delivered. To maintain the trust these people, have in you I ask that you either deliver this form to Anna (as President) or to me and I will deliver it. At the vote meeting each owner will have the choice as to whether they want to remove a director or not. By failing to deliver this form you are making this choice for the signers. This choice is not yours to make.

The only path to salvation is to remove these corrupt directors. It is not some fairy tale that has been planted in your brain by Elizabeth. Do you really believe that Paul would have let her into the inner sanctum without getting firm guarantees that she would deliver whatever was asked of her? And keep in mind, that if she did not perform, Paul still had the other 3 directors in his pocket should he need to override Elizabeth. Nothing will have changed.

Before you fall for the horse manure that I must be removed from the board, I want you to think long and hard. If I am gone you will have no one to represent your wishes as home owners. You now have an opportunity to rid yourselves of the pests that have infested our home. This opportunity may not come again.

It is now or never. Choose wisely.

Bill Siudak


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