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I Swear

I thought that I should address this issue as certain people are having a nervous breakdown over it. Before I do, I have a confession to make, I do not swear a lot. Probably about average amongst people who do partake in the usage of certain slang words.

Yes, yes, I know. At the first meeting that I attended I thought that some people were going to fall out of their chairs from shock, but it was just a performance. I learned a long time ago that in order to be noticed you have to get noticed. If I had just quietly given my politically correct quiet speech most of you would have forgotten me by now. It must have worked because now everyone knows my name.

I do swear, sometimes swearing is the best way to get your message across. The English language is very expressive in that way, let me give you an example. Take the backend of a jackass and put it into a hole in the ground. So as not to offend those who have sensitive ears, we’ll call this a spade. Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. If you do not, the spade just becomes a bigger spade. In their mind they just got away with being a spade, by you condoning it and they become embolden.

Never ever worry about offending a spade. The world is full of spades. It did not get that way because that is the nature of things, but because so many people want to be politically correct, go along to get along, and other such crap. If everyone did their part in stopping spades in their tracks, the world would be a better place.

Then there is my sarcasm. I am very good at it, after many years of practice. I do not use it on good people, only on spades. They deserve to be reminded at every opportunity as to their failings.

I have many other “faults” and I enjoy them all. One fault that I do not have is the one that Elizabeth and some of her followers have, “bs”.

Most people suffer from “bs” to a certain degree. You hear something and you want to believe it. It is just the way your brain has been programmed. The fact that this “bs” condition exists is what keeps the merry-go-round going around. If “bs” was cured media outlets like CNN would disappear overnight. I bet that some of you who have been watching the Trump follies still think that the Russians did it. But I digress.

People who are greatly afflicted with “bs” tend to attract people who are also similarly afflicted. I do not know why, but just look at the Jonestown bunch. They also have a great need to be loved, they cannot handle rejection. That is why they always promote a keep things calm, get along attitude and do not disturb other people. It is very hard to break their conditioning. I have considered using a baseball bat but that would put me in the Jim Summerville category.

I guess that all we can do is to keep on talking to these people. The bright side is that once someone is truly awaken, they do not go back.

Just to finish off, you will notice that all they have is what is known as an ad holmium attack. This is where you attack the person and not their facts. So, I swear, I am sarcastic, and whatever. So what. What I do is lift the curtain as to how you are being conned and manipulated all the time. I know how to make positive change happen. From their point of view this is not acceptable. They must get rid of me. Do you people not understand that there is a “boss “here. Just do as you are told and move along. There is nothing to see here, no, we will see.

Bill Siudak


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