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Lawyer's letter

I guess that by now most of you have received the latest missive from our glorious leaders. You do have to feel sorry for our corporate lawyer, as she must regurgitate the crap that is fed to her. One does have to make a buck. Being a lawyer, she is very careful as to what she says as when she states:

“may contain misleading or unfounded information”

The key word here is “may”. This way they can shovel out a pile of horse manure, and smear me with inuendo without stating any facts.

Since this letter is a personal request on the lawyer, I do not expect our condo corporation to be paying for it. If Paul and the board want to attack me personally, then they had better be paying for this. If they try to pay for this with our condo funds they may be liable to charges of theft of corporate funds.

Now let us look at the latest piece of nonsense that they have issued. Keep in mind that I have not signed their stupid directors’ oath and am not obliged in any way to remain silent. The only obligation is to not reveal any personal information about home owners.

1. The communications allege that there will be another special assessment following the special assessment issued on March 7, 2019. This allegation is untrue. The Board of Directors would like owners to know that no further special assessment is anticipated under the current and approved reserve fund study;

This is true, but here is the history of this point. At the AGM, Sharon first disclosed that $275K was being spent on the balconies. When queried as to whether this was included in the special assessment, she said “no”. Now she may have been confused, but this is what I reported on. At that time, I did not have all the financial information that I have now and could not double check her assertion. Since I have now received this information, I have made it clear as to where this $275K came from. This you can review in detail in my latest newsletter “Snow Job”.

2. The communications defame former directors, current directors, managers, engineers and contractors by accusing them of various wrongdoings without evidence of such or knowledge of the matters mentioned;

Just so you understand, defamation is when you assert a lie and represent it as being true. The fact that I tell the truth about people and events is not defamation. The people hearing this truth may not like it, but that’s life. Virtually everything that I have ever said, is in my newsletters, so I should be an easy target. Instead of that mumbo jumbo in point 2, pick something out of my newsletters where I have defamed someone. Or get lost.

(This is the politically correct version of “fu*k off”. You must love the English language as it is so expressive. Sometimes the words just fit)

3. Confidential and privileged information discussed at the board meeting was divulged in the communications without any prior discussion or approval of most of the Board of Directors. Information was also disclosed about employees of the Condominium in violation of section 55(4) of the Condominium Act, 1998; and,

Let me get this straight. The information discussed at the board meetings is so sensitive that it must not be divulged to the Homeowners. This must be something to do with national security, and this information must be privileged. I guess if you do not have the appropriate blood lines you can not see this stuff. They must even be as careful as to who they marry, as this information is so sensitive, that they cannot divulge it to their spouses. What the hell is going on here, is this condo some sort of secret society like the Masons?

Once we get rid of the current crop of nincompoop’s proper rules will be instituted into our by-laws. We must ensure that this type of crap can never happen again. You all should be having discussions among yourselves that focus on finding owners, who would be the proper candidates to become directors going forward. This situation is not for a Sharon or Elizabeth or some other group to call the shots. This is your place. You own it. If you screw this up, by just sitting on your hands, you will have no one to blame but yourselves.

4. The communications were not approved by the Board of Directors for circulation at a duly constituted meeting. Such communication does not accurately reflect the matters referred to therein nor the decisions made by the Board of Directors. The communication does not represent the opinion or views of a majority of the Board of Directors.

So what. Like I really care what this board of directors thinks. I am sorry, but I did not realize that I needed their permission to speak. I guess that next, I will have to put up my hand to get permission to go to the toilet. Just who gave these incompetents all this authority. This is typical of people who fall prey to the acquisition of a title. They begin to feel important. They are superior to you and they will show you who is boss.

Do come to the meeting if it is still held on August 6, unless there is something better on TV. If you can not make it, no problem, your vote will still be recorded properly.

And to those signers of the petition to remove me, I do not know what horse manure you are being fed but I am sure it contains some soothing words like “don’t worry”, you had better worry. You should start to think for yourselves instead of doing as your handlers say.


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