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Lawyers Harassment ….

Here is my response to the latest harassment letter from the corporate Lawyer, Michelle Kelly. A copy of her letter is attached here: LETTER.pdf

“Dear Michelle Kelly,

As I am the owner of, I will determine whatever is displayed on this website and I don’t need your instructions in this matter. This website is the real website for the owners of the units in Bentley Place. It is intended to give the owners access to information that the Board tries to hide from them, such as the meeting minutes and contracts. The viewing of these documents is one of the privileges afforded to the homeowners. It also has a comments section where owners can share their thoughts with each other. In addition, my newsletters are posted here should anyone wish to review their contents.

If the Board of Directors wants to create their own propaganda site, then there is nothing stopping them. They can put up in big bold letters “This Is the Official Bentley Place Website” if they want. I will have no objection. I am not sure exactly what domain name they would use for their website, as I have bought and own all of the major Bentley Place domain extensions. But I understand that is still available.

As far as users posting defamatory statements on this website that will be their prerogative. This website is just a platform and I am not an editor. Should you find something defamatory in these comments then I suggest you contact the individuals involved. As far as my postings go, you are constantly accusing me of using defamatory language. Yet you never bring forth any facts. If and when you are prepared to bring forth such facts, I say bring it on. Your charge of harassment is unfounded in regards to this website. If they find this website a harassment then all they have to do is not visit it.

My newsletters go out to every home owner and in addition are also mailed to all unit owners where I do not have an email address. I do this specifically so that I do not receive some stupid accusation that I am being selective as to who gets my newsletters. In fact, I want each and every home owner to be brought up to speed as to what is going on in this condo. If certain home owners cannot face reality and want to remain in the dark as to the facts they can simply click the delete button. This should not be overly strenuous for them as I’m sure most people do this many times a day. As for those receiving mailings, there is a garbage bin in the mailroom which they can use.

Now let’s talk about real harassment. This is the 4th or 5th letter that you have already sent me and I resent the Board of Directors wasting my money to enhance your cash flow. These Board Members are also going around the condo knocking on doors and spreading malicious and vicious lies about me. As an example; during our recent reserve fund meeting, one of the owners, Jim Somerville, threatened me with physical violence. Yet now, the Board is propagating a lie through homeowner Mark Pongetti (Anna’s Cousin), that it was in fact I who made the threat.

I was not aware that the Condo Act allows the Board of Directors to dictate with whom I can communicate. This is not communist Russia; you might want to inform your clients to that affect.

In addition, members of the Board asked you to attend personal meetings and provide personal legal advice. As you are aware, any request for your services from the Board require a meeting and quorum to issue that request. I am not aware that this occurred and as such, I do not expect to see any invoices from your firm to the Condo for these matters.



Bill Siudak


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