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Paul’s 3% Contract

If you have ever been around horses, you would have noticed that they flare their nostrils quite a bit, sort of like snorting. As I walk around this condo and in the elevator, I have noticed a few people who seem to display the same behaviour. It took me a while to make the connection.

You see, horses spend a lot of time in their stalls where the smell of horse manure is quite prevalent. In this condo, there is also a lot of horse manure being spread around and it is having the same effect on some people.

For example, a lot of people here still do not believe and some have not even heard, that Paul is getting a 3% commission on every contract signed for this condo over $100K. They just stick their head into the horse manure surrounding them and it seems to affect their hearing, among other things.

For those of you who prefer to deal in facts, our website contains Paul’s contract under the Condo Info button. Here is the relevant part of the contract.

Extract from PMC York Contract

“10. Remuneration:

h) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement to the contrary, in addition to the management fees, and at the Corporation’s request and the Manager’s agreement, the Board agrees that if they wish the Manager to perform project coordination, and supervision services, including site visits with written report(s) relating to Major Repairs and Replacements of the Property, the Manager shall be entitles to be paid an additional fee for such services at a rate of 3% of total capital expenditures over $100,000.00.”

Some people have said that even if the 3% contract exists, they have heard the Paul will not accept the money or that the board will not approve the money. I tell you once you get that horse manure in your ear, it is very difficult to get it out. Do you really believe that after Paul went through all the hoops to get these projects going that he would just walk away? Come on.

For those of you that are tired of listening to fairy tales, here is the relevant extract from the meeting where the directors voted to give him the money.

Extract from the Minutes of the Board Meeting from April 29th


PMC York Properties Inc. noted that a significant amount of extra time has been incurred and that additional amount of project management time will continue to be required throughout the remainder of this project. Paul Casuccio stated that the management agreement between the corporation and PMC York Properties allows for a 3% fee to be payable for major projects over $100,000.00.

This clause is applicable for this current and ongoing major construction project. On a motion by Anna DiMarcantonio, seconded by Brenda Ginn, and carried with all in favour, the board was unanimously in favour of approving this expenditure.”

From the June 2019 Financial Statement, the contractor billed the corporate $47,370.84 for work completed in that billing period, Paul received $1,421.12.

Now do you understand why Paul was really pushing for the 6-million-dollar windows scam. Oh, what a friend we have in Paul. Remember that a full court press was put on to push through this project. They brought in the whole crew, Paul, the directors, the lawyer, the money guy, and the party planner.

Do you really believe that this massive push was just there to help Paul get his 3%? All of them work for the condo corporation. What you must ask yourselves is, who the real “boss” of this business is.

On another note, the website now also contains the minutes of meetings held over the past year and a half. Some of the information in these minutes have been highlighted, you may find it very interesting.

We are getting down to the short strokes. Sitting on your hands solves nothing. Get out and talk to your neighbours and get the horse manure out of their ears. This is our place.

Bill Siudak


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