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The Saga - part 4 - Bait and Switch

As you recall at the end of part 3, Elizabeth had been fully exposed when her name appeared on the pre-printed form to have me removed as a director.

After reading the form containing the 20 signatures, I threatened legal action against the signers personally. They had all signed on to the libelous statement that I had “breached the confidentiality of the board” when no such action had occurred. Kathy then proceeded to bring in the corporate lawyer to address this personal litigation. If the corporate lawyer sends an invoice for this meeting to the corporation, I will press for fraud charges to be laid.

Paul and the directors proceeded with this process and scheduled the vote to remove me for August 6. This vote was scheduled without a proper board meeting and when I threatened the board with violations of the Condo Act, Anna had to call an emergency rubber stamp meeting of the board to correct this slight oversight.

Elizabeth sent out an email to her flock asking for their support for her running for a position on the board should I be removed. Subsequently, the board recommended 2 candidates Jim Summerville and Kashif (Kash) Zaki to run for that position.

For Jim Summerville to appear as a candidate is quite absurd and the board must have realized this as he is not being recommended. After his performance at the reserve fund meeting, he would have no chance of being elected. Maybe he asked Paul to step outside to consider his application.

Kash Zaki is another story that I will address later.

Now it starts to get interesting. Elizabeth cancels her run for the position citing the lawyer’s response and the lack of support displayed for her. It is obvious that her support is dwindling, thanks in part to the Saga newsletters, but why quit.

Let us go back to the beginning. Elizabeth had cut a deal with Paul to deliver the votes to remove me. He could not do this on his own and would not have tried without this deal being in place. In return, Elizabeth was to run, be elected, and be given the title of President as Anna was way overworked. This was the plan.

But along the way, the Saga series was published. People began to wake up and Elizabeth’s image was tarnished. Then there was the problem with the Sharon group. They were increasingly hostile to voting for Elizabeth after the screwing she had given to Sharon. It increasingly began to look like that if the home owners came up with a viable candidate, Elizabeth could loose. And the “boss” was insisting on a spend, spend, spend, candidate.

So, they went to plan B. Elizabeth was told to back off and Kash Zaki was brought on board. One would think that Elizabeth would be kicking and screaming that she had just been “Judased”. But no, she had just been promised a new and glorious future. If she went along with this scheme, she would be guaranteed a position at the next AGM. And Elizabeth so wants to be admitted into the inner sanctum, and as she suffers from “believer’s syndrome”, she bought in. This syndrome is known as “bs” for short.

There was still the lingering problem of Elizabeth’s dwindling support. As more people began to leave the sinking Elizabeth ship it began to look like there would not be enough votes to remove me. This would bring all their voting shenanigans to a screeching halt.

Elizabeth would still have to deliver her votes to get the promised future so, she began promoting Paul Bentley as her candidate of choice. People thinking that they could elect an Elizabeth candidate would then still have to vote to remove me. Since Paul was told that he did not have to be on the voting form but could submit from the floor, would ensure that only the “boss” candidate was printed on the form.

Then if it actually came to a vote, Paul would be told to step down. One guess as to who would win then. But it does not really matter. They get either a big-time spender or a patsy candidate who will have no say.

But if I am not removed, they will get HELL.

We do have other plans so stay tuned.

Bill Siudak


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