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The Saga - part 1 - The Quest

I am going to tell you a story. It has intrigue, drama, back stabbing, and the plot has many twists and turns. I am going to give you an insight as to how the people that would control us, think. These people with an elitist mindset believe that we do not have the mental capacity to think for ourselves, so they will do the thinking for us. They view us as minor bit players in their great movie.

The first part of this saga is about Elizabeth and her quest to stop Sharon from returning to the board, and for herself to become a director to gain control of the board. She has long held a burning desire to get even with Paul and Sharon who conspired to have her quit the last time that she was on the board.

The story begins not that long ago when the Condo Owners received a disturbing wake-up call. They were being asked to sign off on a 6-million-dollar loan for windows they did not need. Initially, Marie started talking to people about this. However once Elizabeth got involved, with her great organizational skills, she took over.

Elizabeth viewed this as a great opportunity. Sharon’s term on the board had expired and Elizabeth wanted to ensure that she was not re-elected. The 6-million-dollar loan would be a great cause to rally people around. This following could possibly be used to get Elizabeth a seat on the board replacing Sharon.

Initially, Elizabeth was going to run but she waited too long to make her move. Kope popped up and volunteered to run for the position. This presented a problem, if she also ran, her votes would be diluted and there was a good chance that Sharon would get in. Since her main goal at that time was to stop Sharon, she had no choice but to begin promoting Kope.

Now, the Sharon group are no slackers when it comes to conniving. They realized that if two positions were up for grabs, there would be a good chance that Sharon could get one and get back on the board. So, they told Vincenza Travale to quit. She did give a nice retirement speech, something about spending more time with the family. I hope she got a nice retirement package.

About this time, I threw my hat into the ring. This again was problematic for Elizabeth. She had been thinking of running as two seats were now available, but if she did, then the votes on her side would be split between the three of us. This would dilute our votes and again give Sharon a chance to get a seat on the board. So, she was stuck with me.

All along Paul had pushed his one unit, one vote nonsense on us. When it became apparent, after we hired a lawyer, that there would be two votes per unit the Sharon group realized they had a problem.

This was no issue for the Elizabeth group as one vote would go to Kope and one vote could go to me. In Sharon’s group one vote would go to Sharon but the other vote had no choice but to go to either Kope or myself. This is when the plant (known as Jim) was brought in. If you are naive enough to believe that he came in out of the blue and would make a wonderful director, you must have missed his opening speech. He basically said to forget about how you had it shoved up your behind in the past, and we should all move forward into a new and glorious future. How nice and elitist of him. He was just there to get Sharon’s second owners vote. They also hoped that he would be able to draw some votes away from Elizabeth’s group.

When that game was over, Kope and I each received more than half of the homeowner’s votes. Sharon might want to ask herself, why she got so little support from her backers. Perhaps her usefulness had expired.

After attending the first board meeting it was obvious that Kope and I were as useless as tits on a bull. At the next gathering of Elizabeth’s group, I pushed the fact that the only way forward was to get another seat on the board. This group decided to only put Anna’s name on the form, as she was the most vulnerable requiring only 38 votes to remove her. She held the only owner-occupied seat on the board. The next day I convinced Elizabeth that all three names had to be on the form as we would be accused of targeting poor Anna as she had done nothing more than the others.

Somewhere along this timeline Elizabeth went completely over to the dark side. She had achieved her first goal of keeping Sharon off the board, but she still did not have a position on the board. Thus began the next part of her journey.

…….Stay tuned for part deux.

Bill Siudak


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