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Holly Lost

In my previous newsletter “Gloves Off”, I requested that Holly present the form with the 15 signatures requesting a vote to remove the old directors, be given to Anna or myself. After several attempts to convey this request to Holly, she still refuses to do so.

Initially Holly was 100% on the side of the homeowners. She was instrumental in introducing me to the initial 20 odd owners who were attempting to rectify the situation within this condo. Unfortunately, it now appears that she has drank Elizabeth’s Kool-Aid. Even though I have laid out to her the fact that, Elizabeth convinced her that getting the signatures was critical to moving forward with the removal of the directors. Elizabeth had no intention to deliver this form. Holly is such a trusting person, she doesn’t seem to be able to modify her belief system regarding Elizabeth. It can be very difficult to remove programming that you have received.

This is sad, as Holly really is empathetic to the homeowners and belongs on their side rather than being swayed to the dark side.

At any rate we must forge ahead in our quest to remove the old board. In this regard I know that many of you signed that form in good faith with the understanding that it would be presented to Anna and a vote would be held. Since the original form is not moving forward, I have started a new form to accomplish the same result. If you wish to sign the new form, email me and I will come to your unit and get your signature.

As you are now aware, the “opposition” has signed a requisition form to have me removed from the board. I am attaching a copy of the actual form that was signed. At the meeting, it was presented as if this was a spontaneous action to get this form signed. If you look at the actual form you will see that it already had the names of the people who were going to sign pre-printed on it. This pre-printed form already had Elizabeth’s name on it indicating that she was involved in the decision to go after me. Her pretending to be representing the owners was just a head fake. She has been negotiating with Paul for several months in order to get a position on the board.

Now many of you will find it hard to believe that Elizabeth would betray you. To which I reply, just look at the facts. Her name was preprinted on that form and even though it was crossed off, her “partner” Diana Remiggi did sign. If you are thinking of removing me from the board, just understand what you will get. She already has a deal with Paul and is very friendly with the old board members. Kope being on the board will be completely useless. If you think that you’ve been worked over now, wait till you see what happens next.

The good news is that Paul will quit (we should be so lucky) if I am not removed from the board. We now have a golden opportunity to make this happen by voting not to remove me from the board. So let’s move forward and get the new form signed and delivered.

Bill Siudak


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