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Show Time

The moment that everyone has been waiting for has almost arrived. The gallows have been erected and the trap door is being gleefully tested. However there the Board goes again making decisions without consulting the homeowners. There are some French people here, whom I am sure would have preferred a guillotine.

In some quarters, this event is being hailed as the greatest show on earth. They will be rid of that dastardly villain and show everyone who is “boss”! There was some talk of bringing in a popcorn machine and offering free beer. After all, the Board has an unlimited supply of money provided by appreciative homeowners.

You could just as easily stay home, watch a good movie and provide your own popcorn and beer. Your “NO” vote will be properly recorded.

So why are we having this vote? On the surface, it is to remove me! This is to prevent loosing Paul, and heaven forbid, Andy. There are these little groups running around promoting their own agendas. The “Sharon” group just loves Paul and thinks that he is a man of integrity. The “Elizabeth” group who still thinks that she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then there are the ones with sensitive ears, who would rather have their pockets picked, as long as they do not have to hear me swear. Finally, the “Cash Man”, who thinks he can work with Paul, ha, ha, ha.

All of these groups serve a purpose, this is the way elitist always work time immemorial. They either create and/or promote these divisions. They have everyone believe that they can be winners. Meanwhile these groups are all off and running in different directions and have lost sight of the main goal.

These groups all have one common purpose, to remove me. They all believe that if this happens, they will be winners. This is classic “bs” affliction. In reality, almost everyone will be the losers. If Paul and this incompetent board are not removed many will have to leave this Condo, their homes. The Condo fees will double in 5 years and the special assessments will keep on coming. Rumor has it that Paul was up on the roof checking to see if we needed a new one. Those that think that they can work with Paul for a more prudent solution are delusional. Others such as Elizabeth tried in the past, but did not have the staying power to ward off Paul.

Whoever is in the “Sharon” group should think things through. In the old days, when Sharon was on the board, you were all one big happy family, but she is no longer there. So how does Paul put any money in your pocket? Remember that employees are there to help in that process. Time to move on and become a business owner.

To those pining for Elizabeth, well that ship has sailed. She made a tactical mistake in getting in bed with Paul. One would think that she would have learned her lesson the first time around. Being afflicted with “bs” tends to do that to you, but you never know. There will be 3 board positions opening up shortly. Elizabeth does have great organizational skills that could be of value on the board. It is now time to think about that process.

The curtain is about to go up. The show is about to start. So how will you vote? Are you going to maintain your “bs” affliction, or are you going to grow out of it?

It is hard to beat the system, the “boss” so to speak. It is like being in a casino, the house has the edge. However, every once in a while, the house runs into someone who knows how to beat those odds, who knows how to win against the odds! I have a proven track record like few others. I have the balls, the brains, and the money to help get us out of this mess.

A vote to remove me is a vote to maintain the status quo with Paul and the incompetent board of directors. These are the people who brought you the 6 million dollar windows and the 1 million dollar cladding and stucco scams. There will be more scams in the future with this group. Is this what you really want?

You decide.

Bill Siudak


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