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Mark Pongetti Liar

It has come to my attention that you have been spreading malicious lies about me. Multiple home owners have informed me that you told them that I threatened Jim Somerville, with a physical attack at the reserve fund meeting. Since you did not arrive to the meeting until it was over and we have several witnesses to that fact, then the question must be asked who fed your little brain with that garbage.

I understand that you are Anna’s, our glorious president’s cousin, could she have been the one that had something to do with this. Or maybe, since you live on the 17th floor close to Elizabeth, our glorious leader wannabe, maybe that was the source.

You have accused me of what is in effect making a criminal threat. The legal system processes lowlives like you. There is a discovery process during which lawyers will question you in an unbelievably detailed session.

You will reveal the name of the person that fed you with that lie. If you lie during this process you could face jail time.

I expect you to revisit all of the home owners that you lied to and apologize for your stupidity and you will let them know the name of the individual that screwed with your mind.

If I do not hear back from these home owners by Sunday, that they have received such an apology from you, I will proceed with legal action. If I do proceed with legal action I suggest you get the very best lawyer that you can, as I will do exactly that.

Bill Siudak


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