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Liar, Liar ….

At each board meeting, the minutes from previous meetings are presented and checked for accuracy and then placed into the record. When the minutes from the June 26 reserve fund meeting were presented I stated that I had 3 objections as follows:

My first objection was to the fact that the threat of physical violence against me by Jim Summerville was not recorded. Brenda made some stupid statement that perhaps he only wanted to go outside, and this was not a threat to me. I asked if maybe he wanted to dance. I wonder how anyone would react if they were asked to go out and dance. I think that this episode would be added to the minutes.

My second issue was with the way Paul’s statement at the meeting was presented.

“Paul Casuccio noted that several newsletters had recently been circulated by a new board member, acting without sanction of the board of directors, which contained accusations of wrongdoing and which have threatened litigation to the board and management. It has also been alleged that management has lost the confidence of the unit owners. Paul Casuccio stated that if that is the case, then the corporation should seek new management.”

What Paul said was that he could not work with me, and that if I was not removed from the board he would quit. I have confirmed this with multiple people and I am sure that those that were at the meeting did hear exactly what I stated. The board insisted that Paul did not say that he would quit and refused to modify the minutes.

My third issue was with the way the request to have me removed was presented.

“Several unit owners asked what the process would be to remove the director in question. Paul Casuccio responded that a petition of at least 15% of the unit owners would be required, asking that the board call a meeting for the purpose of removing the director, and at that meeting, 51% of all unit owners would need to vote in favour of removal.”

This is quite funny, as Kathy was running around after the meeting taking signatures. She was feeding horse manure to people in that, if they did not sign and Paul was to quit we would lose Andy, some people were sucked in.

The board would have none of this. They said there was no form at the meeting. In fact, they said the form was printed 2 or 3 days later when the signatures were gathered. Can’t you just smell the horse manure? If you look at the actual form, there are dates of June 27 beside some names. How could that be if it was printed 2 or 3 days later? The only reason that there is a date on the form is to provide a cover story to say it was not presented at the meeting. But these people are so stupid they could not even get their story straight.

I have in my possession a signed document from a home owner who had signed that form on June 26th the night of the meeting. They had realized that they had been conned and wished to remove their name from that form.

Here is the main copy from that document addressed to the board and Paul.

“Please have my name removed from the form that I signed on June 26th at the Reserve Fund Meeting to have Bill Siudak removed from the Board of Directors.

I would not like to go forward with a meeting to vote to have Bill removed.”

Funny but he signed the form on June 26, must be a time traveler. It is obvious that our illustrious board of directors are nothing but a bunch of liars. Paul’s wife, our minute’s taker, based upon her flawless performance, should be paid the same as the directors, instead of the $150 per hour she gets.

The only way to stop this nonsense is to get rid of this useless board and bring in some people who will work on the owner’s behalf, our behalf not that of the “boss”.

Bill Siudak


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