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By now, most of you have received the proxy info regarding the vote to have me removed from the Board of Directors. The reason for this removal is that if I am not removed, Paul will quit. To give you some background on what is really happening, let me try to refresh your memory.

We are all in this process right now because we received a wake up call earlier this year. We were told that we had to authorize a by-law so that we could borrow the $6,000,000 for windows that we did not need. This issue did not come up out of the blue, this was instigated by Paul, as the front man for this operation. He put on a full court press to get this loan approved.

They brought in the corporate lawyer to run the voting meeting and this meeting also included Paul’s party planner. You know, the guy who crunches the numbers so that Paul will have a good time.

Going into that meeting, they had already conned 49 unit owners into thinking that this was a great idea. As luck would have it, 7 unit owners woke up and were instrumental in rejecting their plan. Now keep in mind that if that loan had gone through, it would appear in any prospective buyer’s info and would have made it virtually impossible to sell your unit without taking a large loss on your home investment. Such a nice guy, right? Paul also forgot to mention that because of his contract with our Condo Corporation, he would be entitled to 3% of any construction going forward which cost over $100, 000. If this deal had gone through, Paul would have put $180,000.00 into his pocket. I heard that he was shopping around for a new yacht.

I know that many of us suffer from the belief system that somehow Paul is indispensable. He has great integrity and does a great job in managing this building. What a crock! He has done nothing but try to stick it to the home owners so he can line his own pockets. Just another small example, he had a quote to paint all of the balconies for $85,000. Realizing that this would put nothing in his pocket, he made sure that an additional quote was added for stucco to bring the cost of this balcony project to $275,000. This additional $200,000 that he sucked us in for, put an extra few bucks into his pocket. Oh what a friend we have in Paul.

I have no idea why people believe that Paul is indispensable. He is just another “employee” of the Owners here, his replacement could be found in about 2 minutes. There is no shortage of property managers who would work for the owners without insisting on a 3% commission on every contract over $100,000.

Keep in mind, I was elected to try to clean up the mess we have in this condo. If you think that removing me is somehow going to modify the way Paul works, then give your head a shake. Paul sees all of us as his personal piggy bank.

If Elizabeth should be elected to replace me it will only get worse. She has already cut a deal with him to deliver the votes to have me removed. If she gets on the board, she will just become the new Sharron.

In response to the proxy that you have received, I am including in this newsletter the instructions on how to fill it in properly to not have me removed from the board. If you need any help filling in the form please let either Marie Copeland or myself know, we will be glad to help. Once completed, bring the form to either of us or we can also come to your unit to pick it up.

So wake up home owners, you are being played. There is no need to help Paul pay for a yacht.

Instructions on how to complete the proxy to keep Bill on the Board of Directors.

Page 1 of the Proxy Form:

to the left under the corporation name – “I am (we are) “ Place an “X” in the box beside “the registered owner(s)”

Next section to the right where it says “Name of proxy giver …” below that paragraph, print the condo owner’s first/last name

Section below where it says “Proxy giver’s unit number and municipal address ….”

Print: 67 Caroline Street South, Hamilton ON L8P 3K6 – including the Suite # of the owner giving the proxy

· Section below where it says Signature – Please sign

Page 2 of the Proxy Form:

First paragraph to left fill in the date

Below where it says “Name of Proxy” put in Bill Siudak or Marie Copeland

In the section to the right “Signature or initials” - please have the condo owner that is giving the proxy sign or initial

At the bottom of page 2 - SECTION 4.

· “Voting for removal of directors and election of substitutes.” This box is already checked

· Below SECTION 4. is the name of director to be removed BILL SIUDAK

· BOX for “In Favour of Removal”, Please ensure that an X is NOT placed here

· BOX “Against Removal” Please put an X in this box

· Condo owner’s signature - Ensure that this is signed

Page 3 of the Proxy Form is a vote for a replacement of Bill Siudak, if they get 49 votes to remove me – Please place Not Applicable in the box stated “Candidates for the Position(s) on the Board” and sign where indicated.

Bill Siudak


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