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The Saga - part 3 - The Reveal

When we left off in Part 2, the form to have me removed was presented at the reserve fund meeting to be signed. The fact that the form had been preprinted with the names, proves that the form was printed prior to the meeting, indicating that my actions at the meeting had nothing to do with the request for removing me. In fact, prior to Paul’s speech, I had just sat and said nothing.

So, let us take a look at this form. Whomever filled it out was not sure of everyone’s name, as some of the first names were missing and had to be filled in manually. If the form had been completed by Elizabeth it would have been filled in completely, as she is that meticulous. It also would not have had Elizabeth’s name on it. Whomever filled out the form obviously had to have had a friendly discussion with Elizabeth about removing me from the board, hence they naturally assumed the she would sign.

You can only imagine that when Elizabeth saw her name on the form, she must have had a heart attack. The fact that her name was on the form blew her cover. For months, Elizabeth had been secretly negotiating with Paul as to how to get a position on the board, obviously I was the ideal candidate. She was probably promised the title of President, because poor Anna just does not have the time to handle all the duties. By accident, bumbling Paul had sent me an email scheduling a meeting between himself and Elizabeth, he must have thought that he was replying to her email.

It is now clear, that all along, while Elizabeth was pretending to be working with the owners and in our best interest, she was actively promoting her own agenda. She was an active participant within the group, to get rid of me long before the reserve fund meeting.

Elizabeth is proving to be a manipulative fraud. She is constantly keeping things from us, just to keep the homeowners in line. For example, she had a copy of Paul’s contract before the AGM and knew that Paul was getting a 3% commission, however she failed to let anyone know. She will only bring us into the light if it serves her purpose.

I truly hope that this gives all of us some insight into the inner workings of Elizabeth’s mind. We can see that she is not that caring person who only has our interest at heart. Many of you will not be able to accept this truth, some of you will just stick your head in the sand and hope everything just goes away. Nothing is going away.

However onto a very serious issue, the signers have a big problem. You see, the form states that the reason for my dismissal is “Breaching Confidentiality of Board”. This is a very serious accusation, however it is also a lie. I have done nothing of the sort. If such an action does exist on my part, I say prove it. If I did disclose confidential information, it now is in the public domain. And as such, it can be disclosed to prove that I have indeed breached the board’s confidentiality. This will not happen, as I did not fail to discharge my duties as a director.

As well, I did not sign the Directors Code of Ethics, but even if I had, this document has no legal standing. At the only board meeting that I attended, nothing of a confidential nature was discussed; feel free to check the minutes. The only other source of information I have received, comes from Paul in response to my request for records. These documents are available to any homeowner just by requesting them.

By putting your signature on this form, you have acknowledged acceptance of this libelous statement. You have personally accused me of what amounts to a criminal act. You have destroyed my reputation as an honest broker for the homeowners. As such, I will hold each of you personally responsible for this defamation and will institute a libel lawsuit against you.

I will however offer you a way to avoid litigation. If I receive an email from you, with a copy to Paul and the board, stating you wish to remove your name from the form and do not want to proceed with the vote, I will remove your name from the litigation list. If the vote proceeds, and no matter what the outcome, I will go ahead with my lawsuit of anyone still on the list.

The bottom line is, what do you care if I am removed from the board or not? Are you worried that Paul will quit? The only way Paul is leaving here is if he is dragged out kicking and screaming. Our condo is too big of a money-making operation for him. What do you personally gain by remaining on that list? You have been coerced into signing this document and you now have taken all the risks. There may be people on that list that are well off and can afford to lose a few $10K, but can you?

It is time for you to react like a homeowner and start thinking about what is in your best interest. I am only here to help all of us achieve that goal!

Bill Siudak


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